One of Valencia’s treasure, Casaroro Falls has attracted all kinds of tourists and guests. Despite steep trails, still many people dare to go to be able to witness for themselves the genuine Casaroro charm.

Casaroro Falls

In the town of Valencia, Negros Oriental located 9.4 kilometers west of Dumaguete City lies the beautiful Casaroro Falls considered to be the most photographed waterfall in the entire Negros province.

Casaroro Falls is lodged deep into the rock crevices of the rugged Valencia mountains. With an astounding height of 100 feet, the water plunges into a deep cold basin before it flows down to a stream. The waterfall is considerably narrow, instead of the usual wide cascade, but this is precisely what makes Casaroro unique. Though despite its narrowness, the volume of water that drops is heavy and causes a roar as it touches the pool. Around the basin are natural boulders huge enough to rest any traveler’s weary feet.

How to get to Casaroro Falls

Because 65% of Valencia’s geography is made up of hilly terrain, the climb uphill and down a steep gorge to Casaroro was actually a tricky feat before the 350-step concrete stairs was constructed in recent years. This staircase is the only access point to the falls. Throughout the trail, dense tropical foliage can be seen and if you’re lucky enough, you may catch sight of a bird or two from some rare breed.

Valencia is less than an hour drive from Dumaguete City downtown area. One may take the trike (which you find everywhere in the city) but this is not advisable of course because it extends the total travel time. A good way is to find a van rental if you are in a group – rates begin at $12 (or P600) – and hire an experienced guide once you get to Valencia. Guides are usually on standby from the point where you begin the trek. Better yet, join a guided and organized group tour especially when you are traveling alone. Many are available and you can ask your hotel or travel agency about the options. Still another option would be to take the public mode of transport. Commuters take a multi cab or jeep from Dumaguete City. Fare is less than P20 and the unloading point is in central Valencia. From there, you take another 30 minute ride to a certain spot alongside the mountain. Then the hike begins.


Valencia generally has a cool climate because of its elevation of up to 500 meters above sea level. It is a town blessed with fertile soil where agriculture is the main source of livelihood. Aside from Casaroro Falls, Valencia is also blessed with geothermal springs, the province’s source of electricity.

Article Source via DumagueteInfo